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    This says:

    Could you please make a joystick for adventures that I do not want to run around like a "full-note" outside. LG

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    Yeah. I mostly play games at night. I can't wander around at night during the cold. Even if I did it wouldn't be fun. I would love to just meander around the digital version of my neighborhood. The game looks great, but a few feet this way there's no phone signal...a few feet that way I'm a weirdo staring at my phone. Can't I just play from my couch??! Like every other video game. I wouldn't mind if you could only go walking speed from your actual location.

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    MadGutts commented
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    a joystick completely defeats the point of this being and AR game!!!
    The point is to get out and collect items!
    If you want to sit at home and play, then play minecraft on your computer or minecraft PE on your IOS

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    Creepson3382 commented
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    I agree with permalink. But you could make some Kind of "no room Mode" For when you have little space. A Joystick that is used while playing so you can move in the game world ( NOT the overworld) Also, how about a way to enter underground sections like in the lvl 5 template. You only can build in your house or under ground if you make some kind of hole and you can only see underground parts if you clip trough the wall, which can be a little annoying and hard sometimes. 

    I may have missed some issue or had a dumb idea. Feel free to correct me in the comments