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Fantasy Dimension for the Future: Ascendance


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    First potential addition! If you like these ideas, vote on their posts or comments. If you like the post above but not these ideas, please still vote on the one above!

    Intangible additions:

    Intangible blocks, intangible towns, sprites, shades, ghost crystal.

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    Second potential addition: Crystal Caves

    These caves would generate deep underground, and would be a great place to find rare resources. Some of the crystals that grow there would be purely decorative, fun in building, but not useful for much more. Others, like ghost crystal (if you like both potential additions), would have unique magical properties. The crystals would grow in clusters that resemble quartz, each cluster made from two to five sets of stacked blocks, lined up diagonally. They could also grow from every direction, with clusters growing on the walls and ceiling as well as the floor. Some could be slightly transparent, and others would glow. The crystals should rarely generate in smaller caves at deep levels, as well as the one described above. I am not sure what creatures should spawn in these caves, but there should be enough danger to earn the rewards, and hopefully some sort of monster that matches the crystal theme.

    Here is a picture of a crystal formation, built in unedited Minecraft.

    I hope you liked this post! If you liked the previous one, check out SneekiBreeki885's idea for potion of intangibility mechanics!

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    Third Potential addition: Season Themed Biomes

    These would work similarly to the biomes in the overworld, but with diversity related to the seasons they represent. Great examples of how this currently works in the overworld are deserts, tundras, and jungles. The weather patterns in these biomes are dramatically different, and the colors of grass and leaves change between them. Ascendance should have changes similar to this, and some should be season themed. Spring biomes should have flowers in the tree leaves, extra flowers on the ground, and more frequent rainfall. Summer biomes would have deeper colors in the vegetation, with normal rainfall. Autumn biomes would have warm colored leaves in the trees, with dimmer colors in the vegetation and a small chance of snowfall. Winter biomes would be basically the same as bedrock's tundras, though they would also make a great place to implement WolveReigner781's freezing effect.

    Additional idea links: Deadly flowers that could be added to these biomes and chasm island/floating mountain biomes.

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    I added the word fantasy to the title. I am hoping that will draw more attention, as I have some pretty cool ideas for this dimension, and have only written a few so far. Please post your own ideas about additions! This dimension won't end up exactly the way I imagine it, and could be great with creative additions from other players!