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Minecraft.net and the feedback section of the website. Don't see your post? Check the links in the pinned post. Thank you! Posts regarding individual posts, bug posts, support issues, update requests, and general gameplay assistance requests will be removed.


Only announce planned features, not features that won't be added.


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    Features that are announced or under review remain tagged as such until the status is changed by the team. We do not make game feature announcements via the feedback site. For any updates on previously announced features, please be sure to check the Beta/Snapshot Changelogs, as well as minecraft.net. Hope that helps.

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    I mean how meerkats have been in announcements for over a year, despite losing the vote.

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    Jack Dundas commented
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    They're still going to be added even though they lost the vote. 

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    apparently meerkats will be added, but when. we want them at the next update, but i bet it isn't happening. it has 21818 votes, they can't let us down