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Make All Weapons at 200% Disable Shields


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    Hilmy091 commented
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    No, I think it should disable shield when you do a critical hit. The shield should be disabled for 220% of attacker's cooldown.

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    This is great because currently pvp is very oriented around axes. If you have an axe, you want to try to get close enough to your opponent to disable their shield, while your opponent wants to keep you at a distance so that you can't. As a result a pvp fight with axes can not even have an axe used once. However if there are no axes... So I definitely agree with this idea.

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    PureAwsome334 commented
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    That's a good idea, but I think it should be critical hits at 200% if it were to be critical hits. Otherwise it would be way to over powered. Also though if the cooldown were 220% of the attacker's then it would make tridents better at disabling shields than axes. So that wouldn't quite work, but if you make a post on it I'd probably vote for it.