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No circles! "Reachable" SQUARE!!!


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    saccharllne commented
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    Axis aligned as in which ever way you face is a point of the square?
    This would be nice if the location alignment was actually consistantly accurate.
    Also there's the hassle of having to turn to reach things when we could just keep it circle.
    If anything I say follow the shape of an in game compass! It's a pixelated circle

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    meekratt commented
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    Axis-aligned bounding box is a common term in 3D programming, meaning the faces of the box are parallel to the world's XYZ axes. In this case, I use the term axis-aligned square to mean the edges of the square should be parallel to the grid axes that makes the map's ground blocks. Thus, the square would not rotate even when the player does. It would require a subtle change to the reachable check, and actually a simpler one.

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    MadGutts commented
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    i like the idea of having the circle made more "pixelated" to keep within the minecrafft world