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(Gameplay) Completing career challenges with materials


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    QUESAGE commented
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    It would be helpful if it can keep a count of items gathered and items crafted for achievement purposes . So player is less penalized for crafting out of order. It's really annoying to go have to get more sand when I already have more than enough sand previously to fulfill requirements

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    Ox5A commented
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    It is annoying having completed every task but not being recognized for it just because I did not craft any wood tools. Or collect another set of stone between each step.

    Simply use the same achievement system classic minecraft uses where you are instantly credited no matter where you happen to start in the achievement tree.

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    Bob DGuye commented
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    This is a great idea and I wish it was already implemented, because it needs to be. The order of the career challenges doesn’t even make sense. Collect 4 coal and make torches? I don’t even have wood tools yet. I think not only does this change need to be added, but also correcting the order of some challenges. And as Ox5A has said, an better achievement system would be great, similar to Advancements in Minecraft Java.