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(Feature Request) Garbage Can


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    cheezeynachos commented
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    I agree with the unwanted items accruing. For me it's flowers that I don't particularly care to see when I open the inventory. Maybe an alternate tab on the inventory page? Like a safe. You could designate the items you feel are just clutter. Any time you collect those items they would still be kept, but located out of view on a new tab or just pushed to the bottom of their current inventory tab.

    For example, doing so with flowers would push them below all of the logs and stones in the Nature tab.

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    Solitaan commented
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    I think it would be better to have the option to hide an item. For example, a button which you can click, and then the next item you tap will be hidden from normal view. Then some other button to toggle hidden item visibility. Especially when more and more items are added to the game, this is going to get more important, since we can't store misc. items in chests like normal.