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Buying placeable adventure


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    I’d LOVE to see something where you could collect an adventure, take it home, place it and play it... if even pay to unlock additional slots to carry up to 5 adventures home, so I don’t have to look like a freak pointing my phone at the ground in public. It gets me out to collect the adventure and get some exercise then I can have fun with what i collected while on my adventure at home. Man, would this increase the longevity of this game more than any other super easy addition, and it would be a huge source of revenue for Mojang. Win win, and easy.

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    UlrickDwarf commented
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    And if you can collect the adventure and play in a safer place would be great. Imagine to place it in a staircase at home, you could even get downstairs to the lower level and play it in a more real way.

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    This is a wonderful idea! Some of the adventures are not in a “safe” area and I am afraid to go there. Being able to place it in a known safe zone would be epic for everyone involved!