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(Gameplay) Flat bedrock


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    FriestheMan commented
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    Definitely this! I have trouble getting to stone or ore under some random blocks of bedrock. So annoying.

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    Solitaan commented
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    Playing devil's advocate here, if the bedrock were flat it would make it easier to just stand in a single place during the entire adventure, which kind of defeats the purpose of AR.

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    Skypirinha commented
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    compromise: the bedrock begins at different heights but no other blocks under a bedrock block

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    I like the compromise suggested by Skypirinha. Completely flat would feel too much like a flat world experience, but ensuring the algorithms generating the scenes functions mostly like the computer versions of the game, with no blocks under the bedrock, would be a good approach here.

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    This is probably due to the generation it in Bedrock and Java edition, where it generates from y-levels 0-5, thus creating "bumps", you could just add blocks to smooth it out.