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Buildplates purchased with rubies need a treasure of some kind


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    MasterJay3315 commented
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    I disagree, as they should limit incentives for micro transactions, I know that the game is free and they need to profit, but I don't want the game to be viewed as another micro transaction filled mobile game, and rather a higher quality game that utilizes Mobile AR

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    I'm on the fence about this. I agree with MasterJay3315 in many respects. As far as I'm concerned, the buildplates you buy with rubies are the real treasure. More scenes on which to build something? Worth it.

    But more than just rare mobs—not just a couple of buildplates with either a Muddy Pig or Moobloom on them—but also chests guaranteed to have at least one rare item (like redstone items) wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

    Not sure how this would work, and as I said, I feel the buildplates are themselves the real treasure, but I don't have any immediate incentive to buy a buildplate as the ones you get from leveling are generally enough... for me anyhow.