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(Gameplay) Mining tappable with the right tools could change it's %drops


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    Yinci commented
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    I very much enjoy this idea. Besides it could also allow overall progress for people who live in an area where adventures do not spawn often or at all, not limiting them to having to go way out of their way to play the game normally.

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    I was considering this as well. Using no tool or a wodden tool on a vein of stone blocks would produce common materials such as cobble, granite, diorite, etc. Equipping a stone pick would allow you to unlock iron as a drop and so on with each upgrade. The amount of durability damage that the picks take come from the number of blocks collected from a tappable. Tool management would also be required by the player so that they aren't using a pick on wood or dirt as that would wear out the tool. Since axe and shovel upgrades can't really unlock too much, perhaps they could either increase yield or reduce the number of taps to collect a tappable