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Let items drop when you die.


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    True, just like in game. If you die you should be able to return to that location and oick up at least some of your drops!

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    BenjaBeb commented
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    Yeah I lost a lot of good shit and it annoys me when I die and now can get the diamonds

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    The problem with that is that as they are now, Adventure maps tend to despawn after they've already been used and have no players left inside them. That will have to be changed before this suggestion helps any.

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    Knitsis commented
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    This could be solved with having the items appear in the World map at the spot where one died.

    Either as objects scattered around on the ground, and spread out over a semi-big distance, so you have to hurry around and pick them back up before they despawn, or if that is too demanding of an app, having a custom tapable just for you, that at least lets you pick up the items you went in with on your hotbar. A despawning timer would match up very well with the feel of the original game.

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    Reaper3077 commented
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    I agree completely! Losing all your items and backpack when you die without having the option to pick them up just seems like a BS cash grab gimmick to me. It already takes a ridiculous amount of time to gather resources and the smelting requirements are already too disproportionate to the actual game. One piece of coal smelts 8 blocks of ore and one lava bucket smelts 100 blocks of ore. The time to smelt is also ridiculous. Things like this makes the game feel like something that is not minecraft but just another predatory cash grab phone app.