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Houses in the Overworld


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    Only problem is people would make inappropriate things and there would have to be a full time team of people responding to all the reports. Would be cool, but there are a lot of problems with it from a logistical appropriateness standpoint.

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    DangerKnerd commented
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    This should be considered a mandatory addition.

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    Scribes Ghost commented
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    moderation voting system

    Random Players act as moderators.
    They give tags that are preset and content rating to the work.
    Each work needs 10 people to moderate before being allowed.
    A player has to moderate other works before their works can be placed in the real world.

    Content: prohibitive, no restrictions.
    Over 50% prohibitive is not allowed.

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    breeze108 commented
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    Even if the build was only visible to you and your friends, to be able to permanently place a build would be great. 

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    Space Carrot commented
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    Ill be honest, once I found out this is not the case, I lost all interest in this game.

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    Yea, this feature is kind of must have on minecraft. Solo 8x8 maps going boring quite Fast.

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    Same I lost all interest in game.