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Make building plots larger and free


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    I'm all for larger build plots, I'm disappointed that the current largest build plots are 16x16 when the loading screens advertise 24x24.

    As for Micro-transactions, Rubies are only a semi premium currency, you can earn them simply by playing the game. 5 for completing both Daily challenges, 15 for completing all Weekly challenges, and a rare chance for a single Ruby while collecting from tappables.

    The true premium currency is Minecoins which are used to unlock different skin options. Both are purchasable, but Rubies can be earned outside of purchase.

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    They have said they plan to add larger plots in the future... there are enough things to fix with placing the smaller ones. I can’t imagine the problems with trying to place a larger one at this point in the life-size setting mode... it’s tricky to get some of the adventure plots to be placed sometimes.

    I agree that the rubies are a great way to slow the consumer down so they don’t get them all to fast and appreciate that I can earn them in game.

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    Larger plots should be free once you reach a certain level. Why should you need to spend rubies (even if you can earn them slowly) just to get a 16x16 space? Maybe have empty build plates that are resizable to what ever size you want as the top level prize.

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    I'm on track to earn 150 rubies in my first week of playing (okay, most of that is career achievements). But still, 2-3 weeks to be able to buy a bigger buildplate seems reasonable.

    I can see them adding a bigger buildplate just for leveling up, such as a 16x16 when you hit 25, and perhaps bigger at even higher levels (I'm only 10, so I don't know how big the current free buildplates are).

    In short, making them free takes away from the achievement of earning and spending the rubies—or leveling up—to unlock the bigger buildplates. I like the way it is right now.

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    I like this idea. I wanted to make my initial build plate slightly bigger as I didn’t want to get rid of my tree. But I couldn’t.