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Traditional crafting system


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    Amp017uiop commented
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    And don’t forget instant crafting

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    LucaMurer98 commented
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    This new crafting mechanic is actually great, but the waiting time is awfully too long. Just stick to the real minecraft times, I can wait for a furnace (would be cool to have more tho), but 30 seconda for every single crafting recipe? It's honestly a bit too excessive

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    LINX009 commented
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    I understand the desire to make money off of a game like this but I agree with the sentiments that the crafting is to dissimilar from traditional minecraft. I shouldn't have to wait 30 seconds per set of sticks..... This seems way to much like an attempt to prey on people's impatience and to get people to buy a shortcut than to make a much more mobile on the go version of Minecraft