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(Interface) Vibration when hurt


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    CougarN commented
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    I second this, and remove vibration when mining. The latter is a reason why Adventures drain batteries significantly. The red warning box that shows up when attacked isn't very obvious as well. Bear in mind that Adventures are largely played in the open where the user may be subjected to sun glare on the screen (especially when they have to point the phone down where the mobs are). A phone vibration to indicate danger/hurt will definitely help.

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    Finskuman commented
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    Adding to this, there should be another indicator which shows your health than a small bar on top corner. I've died twice in a row because I've just focused to kill mobs. Top bar is too "invisible". Vibration would give you a hint when you got hit

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    fgjfj djhfgj commented
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    Добавить в меню управления вибрацией отдельную кнопку включить/выключить вибрацию при получении урона. Так как в остальных случаях она действительно не нужна.