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Make the Safety Video Mandatory to Watch Before Playing


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    Ryuuji Wood commented
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    I absolutely agree. People need to know how to be safe and responsible when it comes to this game, especially since a lot of the player base will be young people. Not to mention, it is a pretty well done video

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    Nobody wants this. But a lot of people need this.

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    How about to give at least 1 Ruby for first watching Safety Video, and of course to make this video Unskippable. So more people / kids will watch it, at least for a Reward.

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    I agree with the last two comments above me. I don't want this. I've never watched the video, but am completely aware of my surrounding while playing.

    The worst that's happened to me is that darn tree down the street. It won a couple of times.

    Even if you force watching the video, people have proven themselves incapable of really listening and acting on it.

    I like the idea of being gifted a number of rubies for watching it all the way through. Perhaps an arbitrary number of rubies could be available weekly for watching the video again.

    Rewatching the video for rubies could reinforce the need for safety, and I'm sure if people want those rubies and watch the video enough, some of it would stick with them.

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    Rahsna commented
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    I like the idea "small reward for watching the video once" :)

    You could just make it reward XP or make it part of the daily/weekly wheel. But not career! ... Because that blocks from progressing further.

    With the reward system, it is voluntary instead of mandatory, which I think is an approach that will generate less frustration.
    Frustration is a poor way to ready the mind for storing something useful, psychologically speaking and should be avoided.

    We want children to associate safety with something fun, right :)?