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Rarity of Bees Is Insane


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    DragendGhast commented
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    Your issue is that you think bees spawn in forests. They don't. Bees and their nests only spawn in plains, sunflower plains, and *flower* forests. Looking in these biomes specifically, the 5% chance makes a lot more sense. The idea that they spawn in forests probably comes from the fact that when plains border forests they are more likely to spawn because there are more trees on the edge of the biome, but they do NOT spawn in forests themselves. If you look in the correct biomes I am sure you will find them more common than you say.

    As for bees in the savanna, I love this idea. Maybe bees that spawn in the Savanna are a more aggressive species, like African Bees, and will always be aggressive towards the player, making farming Savanna bees a lot more dangerous, but they would have a good payoff where if you breed them with 'normal' bees you would get bees that are more efficient and maybe more productive at producing honey. Then players could choose the easy option, or go for the more difficult way that ends up being more productive in the long run.