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(Interface) Option for flashlight/torch on in ar mode


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    Braden123135 commented
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    Wonderful idea was thinking the same! I had me and my friend take turns "being the flashlight" for each other on adventures, not optimal, but at least it provided a static light source. I noticed when the flashlight moved it would cause AR tracking issues, so maybe using the moving phone flashlight would be a bad experience. Good solution is to bring a flashlight and set it up somewhere to light an area. I used my bike headlight!!

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    RayydR commented
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    That would be nice as well. I live in a log cabin and light is always dim so the ar rarely works.

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    Rahsna commented
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    I feel the same way, I would like to be able to play adventures during the night. BUT (and this is a big but) at the same time, Mojang's advice is that you do NOT play in the dark, as it is much more dangerous for various reasons (and not just because of the Phantoms!)

    So... I do not see them doing anything that would conflict with "Don't play in the dark!". At least we can play the tappables hunt during the night. Personally I am thankful that they at least allowed that. They could instead have us being gobbled up by phantoms if we tried to play during the night xD

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    EdwinMatrix83 commented
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    Or just let us place the adventures o buildplates anywhere no matter the the light source or they can make them already lighted up 

    The problem with that is that weather you work or go to school limits you cause only have from like 3pm to like 6/7 pm before it gets dark and can't play