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Oinkshrooms and woofshrooms

needs info


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    Actually, this doesn't give a lot of information at all. Where would they be? How often should they be found? What would they do?

    This is really incomplete feedback. Thanks for starting the discussion!

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    I say they would be rare mob drops, like cluckshrooms and muddy pigs. Additionally, I would like to see meowshrooms (cats/ocelots) as well.

    This would mean you could now get wolves and cats (or ocelots?) from tappables, either like how you get pigs and such (animal tabbables), or like how you get jumbo rabbits (inside of non-animal tappables).

    I do not agree with the riding oinkshrooms and throwing mushroom stems for playing fetch with woofshrooms, as those don't seem to be features that fit in Minecraft Earth. I don't believe you can currently ride ordinary pigs and play fetch with ordinary wolves in Minecraft Earth, in fact I don't think they've even added wolves or saddles.

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    I don’t believe that you meant for this to be a Minecraft earth topic as you mentioned rideable. But I do like the idea of additional earth exclusive creature mobs. Not all of them have to be mushroom, rather possibly different variants of the flowers available in the game. And as Nova stated above, there would be no purpose to them, but there’s really no purpose to the current Cluckshroom or Muddy Pig, more so just something to collect and enjoy as it’s an exclusive. I would like to see more things to collect in stead of everything being practical or building materials, it’s a game and building doesn’t have to be the only “fun” factor. There’s not fun to collecting it’s just collecting to build stuff, that still makes the main goal to build for fun. As far as rarity, it can be just as rare as the other exclusives when tapped on that mobs equal counterpart. You may not have an equal to wolves, horses, llama, bee, etc. yet. But these are just suggestions for exclusives on future availability.