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More Tappables in School Areas


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    tbony04 commented
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    There are lots of schools that still allow cellphones, and people already are always on their phone, this is a big problem for high schoolers where every grade counts and can affect their life later on. I don't think this would be a good idea, kids *should* be paying attention in class.

    However, if these tappables are spawned in when school is out (maybe around 3 or 4, when most schools get out), then this would be much better.

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    TortillaTom1 commented
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    Yes, good idea

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    Catopin commented
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    Great idea. I attend both high school and college. My high school's nearest beacon is a mile away. On my college campus, there are 12 beacons at all times. Important to mention that my high school is 120% of the size of my college. If this is a problem regarding the effects of not paying attention in class then why are there so little tappables and beacons at my college?

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    TrevanTe349 commented
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    And adventures too.

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    BlackHatterZw commented
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    Or like around school, not in reach from classroom, but in break time walking around the building