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Interface: Battery and time on screen

under review


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    coolbro219 commented
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    It would be nice if there is an option for battery saver which when you turn your phone upside down it would go to a black screen sort of like Pokémon go. This app takes WAY to much battery life and is extremely frustrating

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    Bloodyrose473 commented
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    The app definitely takes a lot of battery. After 20 minutes I had lost over 40% battery. A battery saver option would be nice.

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    RomaqRosher commented
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    Playing during my 15 min. work break. GG please stick the option of a clock in there!

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    HardYeti162 commented
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    Even signal bars to know about the connection.

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    Kern 025 commented
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    Vampires drain prey slower than ME drains an iPhone battery.

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    Not only this, but a battery saver option. I played for 30 minutes earlier. My phone went from 70% to 30% and the heat of my phone increased heavily. I’ve had the problem with wizards unite and Pokémon go but it resolved with a batter saver option.

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    LsKillaruna commented
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    This Game absolutely destroys my iPhone SE‘s battery. During 5 minutes of AR-Play I lost 30% charge, it‘s insane!

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    deadlytroll23 commented
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    Uses a lot of battery. Hard to play for very long.