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(Gameplay) Eating food should restore your health

under review


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    Scribes Ghost commented
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    Cooked food would be better that uncooked.
    Would also be good to get recipes

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    Yeah it would be very nice to get some info on how the cooking will work.


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    I was about to post this suggestion but it's already here. Food should definitely have some kind of use, and eating it to restore health in adventures seems like the perfect solution. Cooking it would make it restore more health. Maybe killing special mobs like muddy pigs or cluckshrooms would give a better meat?

    This would also give extra incentive for them to add farming, so things like carrots, wheat, and potatoes could be more than just decorative.

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    meekratt commented
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    I can't even figure out how to eat cooked food. I took a stack of pork chops into an adventure, but even that didn't do anything to restore my health. It didn't do anything at all, behind wasting my hotbar.

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    Gortna commented
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    Right now, there is no food or milk or water or any item that helps you to restore health during the Adventures or Quest. Also would be great to have villagers to trade to abundance of stock

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    meezyut commented
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    That or shields. Just something to counteract skeletons turning you into the worlds largest pin cushion in a fraction of a second.

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    Dioscorpius commented
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    Can't tell why it isn't this way already... Stay loyal to minecraft's allready existing dynamics!