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(Interface, Gameplay) Epilepsy warning

under review


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  • Official comment

    kelsiekittens - Thank you so much for your concerns, and for bringing this to our attention. I have escalated this to the team.

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    TheBigNickMan commented

    I would like to see an option to turn off any flashing (items, objects, screens) within the settings.  Even for a person with no history of seizures, the constant flashing can still cause headaches for some who are sensitive to light.

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    CPT MCNNUGGET commented

    100% agree. I get hemiplegic migraines and flashing is a huge no no. I have to point my screen away from me to collect items and it's rather annoying. Just a toggle would be nice to turn off effects.

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    NeverWhere commented

    I agree. The flashing is very bright and overwhelming. I like the "pulsing" the item does to simulate the mining as I tap but the flashes are too much.

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    Hello, I would also like the option to remove the flashes in settings.

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    MAYB3 BAYB3 commented

    Yes, I have epilepsy as well. My trigger is not flashes, but it is strongly unsafe for others with epilepsy. I was going to report this. It is not good. Remove the flashes. The cracking is cool to see, but the flashing doesn’t need to be there for it. 

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    EggyMarbles commented

    Definitely needs to be addressed. Epilepsy trigger for some and migraine triggers for someone like me.