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Progression using buildplates


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    Cuando entro a mi placa de construcción y construyo cualquier cosa al salir de esa placa y volver a entrar mi última construcción ya no esta, siempre que intento volver a construir algo me pasa lo mismo

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    DmitriKoslov commented
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    I really like this idea... Maybe instead of having to place the "home" buildplate, it just exists, and functions similar to Minecraft PE, but with device motion capture to set the viewing angle. This way you could look around and do things, use your crafting table and furnace in a virtual environment, even rearrange the room, but you don't always have to find a suitable place to set it down. And I like your idea of being able to farm. Everything works from a timer anyway, so crops could easily grow while you're away. Maybe that could be in a separate menu though, perhaps through a door you tap on while in the Home buildplate, but also available from the main map screen.