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Move the Buttons to the top


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    SailorNyx commented

    I agree a new way of displaying or accessing the menus would be beneficial, it's so easy to accidently open the menu tabs along the bottom of the screen when you're scrolling around the nearby area.

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    Agreed, I'm always accidentally opening menus while try in my to rotate the screen searching for tappables.

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    Qpea11 commented

    I have the same issue. Trying to look around and constantly accidentally opening the menu items when I don’t mean to.

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    rcstarling commented

    I agree. The current button placement is a bit annoying. I keep accidentally opening the store menu while trying to turn around.

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    Ranze Jini commented

    Another option would be to hide the menu with an “expand menu” button, with a setting to put it on whatever your non-dominant side is.