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Please read the pinned post on creating new biomes and dimensions. Remember that individual items, mobs, and structures should still go in their own categories - this is not a category for entire updates.


Lava Beach Nether Biome


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    I think the monument should be under the lava. It would have the same structure as the regular monument, but different materials. There will be 3 elder guardian-like creatures, which will remove all effects from you from time to time(this will be the only way to find the monument, and then it will be hard to take on the monument due to lava damage). The monument will also spawn nether versions of guardians, which you can kill for a special drop. There will be no "sponge room" and instead of gold blocks there will be hot brimstone. The hot brimstone, when put into lava, will become obsidian brimstone, which needs to be mined with a golden pickaxe with a gold pickaxe-exclusive treasure enchantment to be converted into brimstone, which can drain lava, becoming hot brimstone once more.