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(Character Creator) Clothing Colors


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    ganonspawn1 commented
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    YES. Please do this. I don’t have money to buy anything, and even just being able to colour the default clothes would be awesome. The rest would be awesome, but even just this simple change could work.

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    SolidAtom commented
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    This way you and a group of friends can all be "adventurers" by using the adventurer top while still still being individuals through color choice. (Being able to change clothes color was the first thing I wanted when making my first character)

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    talyab commented
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    They need to do this for the skin and eye color as well. I can't find a way to make my Avatar resemble me because there are no shade choices available for anything. Tons of beards though.

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    ZachWright commented
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    Maybe make it so that we can change the main color and up to 5 accent colors on clothes. That would greatly increase customization options

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    bigtglez70 commented
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    It makes no sense that all of the free Body-Part stuff can have their colors changed, yet the accessories you have to pay for have no such option.

    What's the point of buying them if you can barely do anything with them?! I mean, you're paying money for PIXELS. I'd understand if it was 3D models, because those take effort... But some of these accessories are literally 8 pixels or less!

    For a game known for creativity... This is a huge contradiction!

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    Xenerz commented
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    This would make me more inclined to purchase clothing items.

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    This does need to be an idea so we would get some more variety.

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    This is an awesome idea, i wanted to have this from the start. Or just make us be able to download skins on console, just like you can on mobile.

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    Zach Alberda commented
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    Yes, yes, yes!!! Even if I'm able to find the shirt or pants I want, they're almost always in the wrong color. Having a submenu for color variants would be amazing!

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    HappySoul06 commented
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    Yes! Ive been really wanting to color the tee shirt bright yellow.


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    Guys we need this! Please vote.