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We are currently on (1.15 PRE-RELEASE 6) Snapshot. Please remember this is a temporary category for snapshots only. Please place NEW ideas for Minecraft in their proper categories.


Thank You So Much For 19w42a.


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    KaLul0 commented
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    Amen! I also play from early on. And im feeling the same excitement and wonder as you each time. I even learn new stuff about the game i didn't knew a long time. So i can say its really a pleasure. Never have i had so much fun and many gaming hours with a game for 5€ . Back when it was alpha.
    So ive come to say thank you too.
    Thank you all who ever worked and is working at mojang.

    Ps: im really happy about bedrock too since it makes this game playable for me with my kids or youngest brother.

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    Waerloche commented
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    I also agree that the new snapshot has better improvements so far. I am only 10-20 minutes in and I can see that ore generation is way better than in previous updates. I cannot wait to see the other improvements.