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(Interface/Accessibility) disabled people and moving around build plates


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    Sangiyok commented
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    Just submitted a similar suggestion then found this.

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    wolvrine14 commented
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    I agree, my game is rather glitchy because I'm in a small room. I can't even obtain a full range of view because the game doesn't allow one to actually look around. Some people have suggested a ARmode "off/on" option, this would be how that would work, in normal build mode you'd fly around a virtual only plate, in play mode you'd be a first person character and able to walk around.
    At the same time, in ARplay they could allow for a character to control around, this would fix the whole "vertically" challenged aspect of the game.

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    ThrustinJ commented
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    Two finger drag and punch zoom could be implemented. It may be awkward in multiplayer building, but it could still be an option.