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(Gameplay) XP for Crafting/Smelting

under review


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    good idea, even when achieving an achievement, you should give xp as a reward from felling your first tree, making your first weapons to covering everything with Netherite, when manufacturing, getting XP is really tedious, but the worst comes when you die and you had a large amount of XP for example 65 and you ended up with 7 that is unfair considering how much it costs to raise it up to that level. I support the idea and I hope that the administrator will give it importance since I believe that I not only speak for myself but for many other players

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    for smelting is xp

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    Vanilla-wise, XP is earned breeding, farm mobs, combat, smelting, and rare ores. 

    There are a few spots that should reward a small orb 1-4xp with a small chance (0.001-0.003%) to add for sure.

    -Harvesting crops (after fully grown) and manually with a hoe.

    -Crafting of a snow golem or iron golem (or even at a cost up the golems get a boost) or allow us to add enchantments to those golem by some method,

    -Mapmaking on the Cartiograph table

    -Fletching Table (once it's completed) 


    Been playing with a data pack that gives XP for just about any action, a tad OP with mending on the tools (still fun without a doubt), but there are things I think should occasionally give XP in vanilla to either increase the use of doing that action or because it's an essential action in the game in my opinion. Now one argument I can see against some of the ideas above is the encourage "camping out" versus exploration/risk by going out to mine or combat.