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PS4 Crossplay


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    I agree, hopefully they are working on this as this could generate a lot of new interest.

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    smitchell1106 commented

    FYI: PS4 is still in Java, from what I understand.

    But this is some thing greatly needed. The PS4 is missing so many texture, mashup and skin packs that Xbox has and PS doesn’t. Since it’s going to be be a while till we get custom skins, at least give us bedrock so we can have realms and the same skin packs as everyone else.

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    Hario337 commented

    FYI: PS4 is NOT on java, it is on legacy console, a third completely different codebase but uses the c++ language much like bedrock.

    Also there seems to be a misunderstanding with how you worded this, the Xbox and Switch editions do not run the bedrock edition, it is a completely separate software from Legacy Console, one that appears as simply "minecraft" on the menu.

    But yeah, I assume theyre already working on porting it to PS4 at this point