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Soul Sand Worm [Nether Update: Soul Sand Valley]


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    When killed, they drop Soul Sand, and a new item, Worm Ribs. Worm Ribs could be used to make Bone tools and armor, which are slightly stronger than iron and (in the case of armor) always have the Thorns enchantment but have lower durability. (Perhaps bone boots could get an enchantment that makes players immune to Soul Sand slowing!) Since the Nether doesn't have any resources as of now to make tools out of, and Mojang has said they want the Nether to be difficult to live in, this would fit perfectly. Plus, armor that makes you look like a skeleton would be rad! Their ribs would give players an incentive to travel to the Soul Sand Valleys, as right now from what we've seen, it seems like they're largely empty (not even Zombie Pigmen or Ghasts spawn there!) The giant rib cages in the Soul Sand Valley could be explained as the ribs of giant Soul Sand Worms that died (but they wouldn't drop Worm Ribs, making it so players would have to fight the worms).

    [Here's a little info pic with some sketches I did of the Soul Sand Worm in action!](https://imgur.com/WXILifB)

    In summary- Soul Sand Worms are a tunneling hostile mob exclusive to Soul Sand Valleys. Their unique method of movement and attacking players is something no other mob has, and would be exciting (and terrifying) to discover. The Worm Ribs they drop and the tools/armor they make would add some challenge to players willing to risk their lives for strong materials- fitting right in with the idea behind the new Nether biomes. Their existence would also give players a reason to travel to a Soul Sand Valley.

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    Here's some specifics for stats.
    Health: 15 (7.5 hearts)
    Attack Strength:
    * Easy: 5 (2.5 hearts)
    * Normal: 10 (5 hearts)
    * Hard: 16 (8 hearts)
    * Fire Damage (35% chance for fire damage per hit): 1 (0.5 hearts) per 1.25 sec for 3 sec

    EXP: 15
    Size: 1m tall, 1m wide, ~6m long (when laying flat).

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    Credits: This feedback suggestion comes from the Minecraft Suggestions Reddit by u/B217. I posted this here due to the fact it wasn’t on here to gain attention of users & Mojang for consideration.
    > https://www.reddit.com/r/minecraftsuggestions/comments/dcgz02/the_soul_sand_worm_a_tunneling_hostile_mob_for/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

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    Rebecca James commented
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    The jump scares would be real when you’re minding your own business and pop comes out the worm to gobble you up! I love it!

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    Cmac21798 commented
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    Original creator (B217 on Reddit) of the Soul Sand Worm here! Thanks for posting it on this site, I had tried but after a few weeks, the submission just disappeared!

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    Vinecraft46 commented
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    That sounds cool I have always wanted a tunnelling mob added. I saw you sketch (very good btw) and I think it should be a bit thinner. Well done! =)