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Pigs struck by lightning should now turn into piglin beasts instead.


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    Completely agree! Pigs originally turned into the old Zombie Pigmen because it was the closest the Nether had to a Pig! Now, it makes much more sense for Pigs to turn into "Hell Pigs" (Hoglins) instead of a humanoid race, the Zombified version on top of that! It would be much better if Pigs turned into a Netherish version of theirselves!

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    I almost agree here on this. I think that, as this feature is basically just an easter egg anyways, they should still turn into the old zombie pigmen. This would now be the only way for them to occur in survival, but I've been seeing people upset that zombie pigmen have been replaced entirely.

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    I believe they should just make pigs struck by lightning turn into the old Zombie pigman model since the model looks closer to it.