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(Gameplay) Different Biomes on different days

under review


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    Shackram835 commented
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    Matching biome based blocks to local weather would be amazing! Ie cold days spawn more snow blocks

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    StarbuckDude commented
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    The nerd in me wants an API (already requested) so that I can get the local weather via a web service and change the game weather accordingly. This would lead to other interfaces (possible in MC Java), like displaying signs that advertise local news and events. Heck, welcome to my virtual store where you can walk in and see my actual current inventory as reported by my database. As soon as we start linking with the real world, anything is possible.

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    Shuvok commented
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    Biomes would be awesome, just dont make them regional like other games or else Ill never ever see snow blocks and stuff....

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    italianguy08 commented
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    its been hard to find cactus and if possible to have a plains, jungle, swamp, dessert, etc. Maybe even a river/ocean biome near lakes and beach for collecting fish. Oh no I should not say anymore or they put pirate/undersea dungeons on. Lmao