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(Content) Dungeon Tapable

under review


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    We're always reviewing our tapables for different ways to make things exciting. Thank you for the suggestion!

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    Caydacity commented
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    I wouldn’t like something like this as there’s situations and places where AR tracking wouldn’t work well or be appropriate. With something like this, you could be forced into it.

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    DmitriKoslov commented
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    That seems like an alright idea, but you would have to be able to disable these scenarios in the options menu...

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    StarbuckDude commented
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    I agree with the ability to disable this. There are times when you don't mind being attacked and others when it's inconvenient or dangerously distracting.

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    SkyPirateYun commented
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    Or dungeon/mob tappables could be a tappable on their own that always have mob attacking you, give good exp and maybe the regular mob drop? That way you can avoid battles if you just want resources. And only basic mobs show up that way so stronger and special mobs still belongs to Adventures.