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What is parity? This category is designed just for features that exist but work one way on one platform, and another way on a different platform. Bugs are not parity! Items in snapshots and betas are subject to change so please be sure to only post about things that are currently released in Minecraft. Please read the intro post before you post!


(Java Parity) Activating Elytra even in the water/ Java Elytra mechanics.


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    The reason we haven't seen this is because of the cross platform capabilities of the Bedrock Edition, those playing on PC vs those playing on mobile are working on vastly different controls, and it is likely that they thought about this, and decided that in order to keep gameplay as fair as possible they decided against it. The mobile players are extremely limited in what they are capable of doing due to the limited control options, it is a possibility that they could add this in the future, but they would have to add an elytra activation bottom to the screen on mobile, and change many of the existing mechanics to meet that this mechanic.

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    Skymaster147 commented
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    Well jumping and sneaking would activate the elyra and even in the other platform jumping activates the elytra and on java pressing spacebar quite a few times activates the elytra. That wouldn't change anything RIGHT?

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    MCPEChicken13 commented
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    Yes please!