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(Content) Dimensional Biomes


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    DarkWolfAKL99 commented
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    Could there be some thematic connection for each biome. Say you have a town with a shopping quarter, a university quarter, a church quarter and a heritage quarter. Could each bit be randomly assigned a biome and that stays consistent across all players. So in my example the shopping quarter could be a dessert biome, the uni quarter is a jungle biome, the church quarter is the end, etc. And each player will have the same layout.

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    Rahsna commented
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    It's not based off Google Maps it's based of something called OpenStreetMap (OSM for short) See: openstreetmap.org

    it's an open, independant, community contributed map service. The benefits to using this for Minecraft Earth vs. Google Maps, Bing Maps, Apple Maps or some other proprietary map platform, is that no big tech company owns it and those that want to, can help improve the map data and thusly improve the map inside Minecraft Earth at the same time :)