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(Community Idea) "Featured Builds" Concept

under review


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    Damentanis commented

    This sounds like a great idea. I would love to explore other builds created by players.

    just imagine showing them to my family in play mode. Simply epic

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    mooers1 commented

    You can go on to discord and see creations there, but featured builds in-game would be nice also.

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    DarkWolfAKL99 commented

    I've seen many people say if their could be a system to add a personal buildplate for each avatar so people can share their builds but fear that would just swamp the map with spires of crude imagery if unregulated.

    Having a featured buildplate system could work well. As it allows for truly great builds to shine and some moderation will be in place.

    Now combining these 2 ideas would be amazing. Have it so as you walk around collecting resources you can be told there is a featured build near you that you can visit. You could preview the build akin to the buildplate selection screen but to fully explore it you have to get close to featured buildplate location. Once there you can explore the build and maybe collect a small gem award (and to encourage builders they could also get a tiny gem award for each person who visits the build)