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Dogs growling if heard a hostile mob nearby.


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    issac garland commented
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    How often would this be? The thing with parrots is I love the way they look and I love there features but after a while hearing smaller, more annoying mob noises ALL the time gets on my nerves so pls specify on the growling radius and how often this would be

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    Taruyroiii commented
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    To @isaac garland

    Dogs growl and bark depending on who they are as a dog in real life. However in Minecraft, it could be a genetic thing or a probability of growling. I'd say to set the radius to 8 blocks from the dog.

    They would be useful say in a mining strip, a zombie or a creeper is coming behind you, they would growl and bark at them if they suddenly appeared. 

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    Aidan Jackson commented
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    I think this would be awesome. Maybe they should wimper when a creeper is nearby too!