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Give Experience for building, digging, and Walking


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    CreepyClavix commented
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    When the build is done the player could sleep in it once and then in the morning the build will have some particles around it for a while and then you will be rewarded by some xp

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    Starusue commented
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    Yesss!! I want to get rewarded for walking and get a meadow for it as time goes by.

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    fishhookffxi commented
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    I understand that some players like to just build and dig out large areas, however I do see several potential issues. 
    1. The focus on "building with a rare building material" actually detracts from the freedom to choose whatever you want. Think, you're building with spruce wood, but dark oak gives more exp... or quartz vs concrete, etc etc. Putting a numerical 'value' on how 'worth' a building material is would subtley influence people's building habits just trying to optimize to get more exp, which would detract from the overall quality of the build. You always want to build with the block that you think fits, not the one that gives you more exp

    2. this could easily turn into infinite exp if you just hold a pick in one hand and a block in your offhand, then hold down both buttons, a rare enough building material could give more exp that it would take to repair the tool mining it. (or people would set up a janky machine that breaks every block they place, then puts it back in the inventory to be placed again)

    3. While getting enchantments can be frustrating sometimes, I think part of the reason you don't get exp from building is to encourage interacting with other parts of the game, it takes a bit of time, but if all you want is silk touch, you could probably get that exp very quickly just roaming around for a night or two hunting some monsters, and this would also get you useful mob drops, like string, gunpowder, or ender pearls. 

    4. You already do get exp for mining (and smelting items that you have mined) I understand, sometimes you need to mine out large areas to get the bulk resources (dirt, stone, andesite, etc) but if you do that at low levels underground, you are very likely to find different ores that give tons of exp, you don't dig out large areas of the surface, leaving gaping holes in the terrain, and you can get those harder to find things (diamonds) all at once.

    One thing i wanted to ask, you say "doubling every time the goal is reached" when would that ever reset? if the answer is 'never' then it might as well not exist, because after only triggering 20 times, that's over a million blocks you'd need to place to get the reward once. there is no way to balance the amount of exp rewarded over numbers that high