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(Content Request) Boss battles

under review


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    d1ngw4ll commented
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    Also certain locations you can fight other players to own that area.

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    Mooster2K commented
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    I agree with fighting players for other areas but maybe a nice spin would be something like the nether and end are leaking in to the normal world and you have to help fight to keep it under control by fighting ghasts, pigmen, endermen and so.

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    connor commented
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    I would like this a lot! Especially since the last true boss fight we got was the Wither. Raids are waves of enemies. However, something all of these gets right is that you have to seek out the bosses.

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    Finskuman commented
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    Maybe quests to protect your house/village from pillagers. Different NPCs needs different amount of touching to kill. Village could have 10 villagers, and if you can't protect them and all dies, you'll fail the mission/quest

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    Basically just Pokemon go raid battles in AR. This sounds very fun

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    B10HAZARD8655 commented
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    They should add more bosses!, maybe in the nether? Like a giant skeleton boss (could possibly be called "goliath") and maybe they should add temples in the nether (along with keep fortresses ofcourse)

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    Kooltone16 commented
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    Maybe each mob has a very low chance of spawning as a boss. When the boss spawns, it has a lot more HP and greater damage output. To indicate it is a boss, it could have some type of particle effect surround it (maybe just reuse the bad omen or charged creeper particles). The boss could spawn with a swarm of mobs of the same type as it and the boss could give passive damage or HP buffs to all mobs of the same type in a certain radius.