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(Technical, Info Link Inside) Compatible devices



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  • Official comment

    Thank you  VladPlayPro  !

    I am pinning this to the top of our category so everyone can get this info.



    While it is not probably comprehensive, it does seem to be a good starting point for reference and is updated often!

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    VladPlayPro commented

    That's the list of devices which support Google ARCore, it means its also supports Minecraft Earth : https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices

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    N7 Dragonfly commented

    My Razer Phone 2 is not supported either.

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    Hi! This looks like an issue for bugs.mojang.com - you'll need to file it there (we aren't able to do this for you), and thanks for mentioning it.


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    Dezier commented

    HTC U11 - not in the list of supported devices for ARCore. Is ARCore a hard dependency for Minecraft Earth?

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    PokezPandaz commented

    It says your device is not compatible with my samsung s6 edge

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    I would like you to invent a second option for when using augmented reality mobiles without augmented reality can enjoy the game too

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    Samsung A9 says not compatible too

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    Shows as working on Moto G6 and Moto G6+ but doesn't list Moto G6 Play I'm sure there is no difference internally and I already play other AR games any ideas?

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    It saya My Asus Zenfone Live ia not compatible

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    EduKing6000 commented

    My Razer Phone 2 isn't compatible too, even though it's an extremely good phone. Please we need Microsoft to tell Google to let more apps use ARCore!!!!

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    J'ai un umidgi f1 qui n'est pas compatible.
    Faudrait mettre un système comme dans Pokémon go pour la réalité augmentée

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    Adron001 commented

    That is a fairly restrictive list, how can you expect to test the app effectively.