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The Mansion Owner


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    i really like the idea of the mansions having an owner, but i think the cane might be pretty overpowered, since, i believe, mansions aren't that rare.

    what if it only had one of those spells / abilities?

    or even no spells at all for owner type 1:

    instead the mansion could be full of interesting traps, which, with the right tools and thinking, could be disarmed or snuck around. once in the inner chamber, there could be a book or smth telling the story of the wolf attack (i am new to minecraft; if this is not how books work just let me know lol), and you meet the owner, who asks you to trade him 10 wolf pelts or smth. for the first 10 you give him, he awards you with an iron sword (80%) or a steel sword (20%). maybe if the player has spent less than 28 days in game he'll give you 1-5 wooden swords instead. for every 10 pelts you give him after that, he trades for normal items (but he still only ever asks for wolf pelts)

    but that's only if you want to keep with the theme of the wolf attack, which i think is a fun idea, but might be too specific and grow boring and old-hat for players quickly. perhaps a random hated mob could be rolled by the game for each new mansion (maybe these special mansions could be called hunting lodges?)

    edit: i think that's too much loot. beginners play the game too. maybe cut the gems for owner 2 (magic user) down to less than 10, and no gems at all for owner 1. owner 1 = hunter villager (peaceful)