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(Content Request) Hostiles mobs in the night

under review


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    ElateGamePlay commented

    That's nice idea

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    Nozrhul commented

    Yes, how would bed work then?

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    RedZydec0 commented

    That would be great! However it would encourage people to walk out at night, which can be dangerous in rough areas... Perhaps you can get rare items such as "Lure of the Night Realm" which lures hostile mobs to your location? It would be a rare items but it would allow you to collect them 👍

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    EnderClan commented

    Could be a cool idea using timezones and phantoms could be used to make sure the users aren't up all night and so the user stays safe

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    Would love to see this! I've only caught a spider so far and a night time darker theme map would be amazing to add

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    RoGu3 Puppy commented

    This is a neat idea that could also be used as a way to make kids not want to go out at night. If they added something where you could be attacked in-game by a mob at night and you have limited time or ways to defend yourself.

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    JoeMoMumbo1 commented

    Yeah, phantoms is a great idea for night time and you could see little phantoms flying above you on the map. There could also be mobs that spawn around the map and dungeons etc.