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(Interface) Camera mode

under review


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    Razvi19 commented

    I totally agree but for now it's just a beta,I think we would see it in the Pre-Versions or the Full

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    s3rvant84 commented

    +1 came here to say exactly this

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    Hey there, we don't need to plus one things. A vote will do! :)

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    I’d love to use this move to film someone else’s creation when they are building. I use screen capture currently but want less screen realestate covered by icons.

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    As a content creator, being able to not only hide the UI, but also switch to landscape mode would allow me to set up a phone as a camera on a tripod, then build using another phone.  This would open the door for some really creative content based around Minecraft Earth!

    I could also see videos being created where peeps could act out skits around full sized minecraft builds creating stories using minecraft builds as their set! The possibilities are endless!