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(First impressions) Building plates, hotbar


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    Other thoughts regarding the building plates. Will there be or is there a method to rotate the plate or is it necessary to walk around the plate to view the various sides? Are you able to link building plates together to build larger areas? Will there be more building plates available at the start of the game? While I understand the monetization portion of the game to gain new plates, only having one plate to initially build with leaves the process a bit underwhelming.

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    Zenthere commented

    There seems to be a difference between hitting BUILD and the [>] arrow button. I believe the [>] button is some sort of interaction mode but it is incredibly unclear.

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    I'm not sure what the point of building plates are with the game. Biker they connectable or are they persistent or what's the point?

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    I feel like the building plates will come into their own when crafting is opened, maybe the ability to place furnaces or crops in the build plates and use distance walked to simulate time passed in smelting or growing. Other than that they're just a nice way to show what you have collected, the main problem I have with them is that you have to use AR, they need to include a non AR mode as building is very difficult currently.

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    Zyno Cammo commented

    I agree, I'm having some problems with the building plate jumping around although it's in an open area

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    Khakipeaty commented

    Hitting "build" opens the small build plate that you can work on. The [>] button opens the life size plate that you can walk around in. (Need a bit of space for that one.)