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F in inventory to move item to off-hand slot.


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    bestrindberg commented
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    Agree, Been wanting it for a while and would be a great addition!

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    CptAddeman commented
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    I've been longing for this feature to be implemented into the Bedrock version for so long now - the ability to assign items in the inventory to the 1-9 hotbar slots, makes navigating the inventory way faster, as you don't have to move the mouse over to the item to then drag it over. Dunno if I'm being lazy or impatient wanting this feature, but I'm used to it from most time spent in Java version. It wasn't long ago it became worth moving over to Bedrock

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    NeonRexodus commented
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    YES YES YES absolutely needed. It already moves it while pressing F in-hand, why not move it while hovering??

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    I would rather use the 0 key.

    It makes more sense because you are already using 1-9 for hotbar, and the offhand is on the left where a 0 would be anyway. 


    I think barely anyone uses the numbers anyway so this will probably never get traction :(

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    jojorific commented
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    They should also make it so you can put any item in offhand like in java, it would be very nice quality of life