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Astro_kiwi's Merciless Mode "Survival+"


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    Removed excess formatting.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    **Mobs should be stronger, move faster, and take no knockback. Even with the sword delay, a bit of kiting will ensure you never get hit. This would counter that, requiring you to actually run or find a safe haven. 

    Nights should be darker, have more mobs, and affect in game blocks. With the cancellation of the Super Duper Graphics Pack, I am hesitant to include this addition, although I think this would greatly increase the mood and difficulty of my proposed gamemode. I also think torches should be dimmer. Night should be feared, not seen as a temporary worry until you find another vein of coal. Torches outside should burn out. 

    Fall Damage should be increased. At this point in time, Steve stands at a whopping 6 feet tall (Two Blocks). Most humans can survive 6 to 8 Feet (2 to 2.6 Blocks) off of natural intuition. Professionally trained parkour athletes can do around 14 to 18 feet (4.6 to 8 blocks). I know Minecraft is not a "Realistic Game" But in an attempt to fuel the fire of difficult, I think this logic would do well here.


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    Crops should die if not harvested. Many YouTubers have proposed an entire season called Winter upon which crops and farm animals would die and would not spawn. I understand that it could be difficult to code seasons, so to draw this idea back a bit, crops should have a death timer. It balances out the need for food and the responsibility a player must have to collect it. I don't think animals should be gone, but I do believe that they should be very scarce. I personally like the idea of players scavenging for food. Especially with the coming of fruit bushes and trees, this would implement well into the next Meta.

    Beds should not work all the time. Each day, and RNG (Random Number Generation) Roll should happen, and depending on the outcome, should determine whether a player gets the chance to sleep or not. This could be displayed as a status effect labeled "Night Fright", upon which a player character is too afraid to sleep.



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    **Mobs should be able to break windows, fences, and crops. In the event someone gets "Night Fright" they now should prepare for an ensuing wave of mobs. In the same way mobs can break doors, they should be able to infiltrate a players house. Of course a player can block off all of these entrances, the importance is the need for player consequence. If he/she blocks off everything, they'll be fine, aside from sustaining a bit of housing damage. The player also has the option to defend their house and spend the night fighting. This provides options for both passive and aggressive players. 

    Respawning... Enabled. This is a game mode where dying should be easy. It would provide much frustration to new players and returning if they lost their world within the first day. I am, however, completely in favor of a "Hardcore+" Gamemode in which perma-death exists.

    Reduced food and potion values. Just like in hardcore mode, you should need to be wary of your activity and resource consumption. Needing more food to eat whilst there being less could cause issues with balancing gameplay, but that's up for discussion. (u/Nilstyle and I had a discussion agreeing upon this.)

    **Decreased stat values for weapons and armor. Perhaps not damage, due to the increase of mob health, but stats like knockback, attack speed, and durability

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    I take credit for the compilation, assembly, and opinions of this post. I do not take credit from inspiration and consider myself to be a bridge between other creators and users. I have personally contributed original ideas and materials enough to the point where I am confident to put my name on it.. I did not create all of these. Please check my Reddit post to see further explanation of my inspiration and longer credits. 


    My Reddit post with more specific credits: 


    Reason for making this post:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha1rO0btVLU "A Serious Critque of Minecraft"

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVWhVAZwCdQsPZL-mDLcxPQ Whitelight's Channel

    Additional Ideas found in comments of Whitelight:

    https://www.youtube.com/user/CraftBattleDuty Lachlan's Channel

    User Contributers:


    https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360032474332-Heather-Shadelight-s-Expert-Mode-mobs-difficulty-AI-?flash_digest=3a801d5896131aa27d4af7ae0d2fb75453ddb54d Heather Shadelight's Expert Mode.

    My IGN: Astro_Kiwi

    My Reddit: u/BenjehB

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    sammmhaha commented
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    I like the idea! I want to see this in the game and use it.