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Ocean levels, deep sea creatures & how to survive


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    Apart from the shark thing, you got it in the right spot. Good luck with your idea. :)

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    I really like this idea, maybe it could also add jellyfish and stingrays?

    I'm not so sure on the hippocampus as an item, but I like it as a tameable mob... maybe the dragon drops an item you can use to tame the hippocampus?

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    Perhaps the serpent simply keeps a herd of hippocampi, so you have to kill it to get them. (Unless you're a really good aquatic horse rustler.)

    Also, having these levels might take a change in how deep below sea level an ocean can extend. I just rode my skeleton horse across the bottom of the deep sea and it really wasn't all that deep. I think there is room beneath the current ocean depth limit, though. There just wouldn't be as much room for caves.

    Another thought, where there is more pressure mobs not adapted would move more slowly. Also, scuba gear is pretty high tech, I would suggest something magical, perhaps made of prismarine.